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We bring Pastor Priscilla Glover and Pastor Terrance glover to lead our Leadership sermon.

Pastor Priscilla speaks about leadership and different topics related to our life and having an impact on our daily life. The experience and knowledge of our pastors can be a helpful tool for all of us. You will have her and Pastor Terrance Glover representing Mens ministry and Womens ministry. The most effective ministries are those with a small number of people. Through these small groups, you learn to cooperate and work less prone to division as a unit.

Connections take time, genuineness, and persistence, and a successful men’s service has exercises and settings that urge clinging to occur with the hearts of the people. Similarly, Our Womens ministry is built just like Men’s ministry, i.e., creating leaders. We keep repeating the same thought, Pray as God calls you to ask for whatever you need. The Womens leadership ministry centers ensure greater participation and discussion as they have the freedom to share views without being noticed or looking dumb. Therefore, a leadership sermon is always preferred.

What do sermons on leadership look like?

We have managed to put some of our sermons on leadership on the official website. These sermons deal with qualities a leader may have and how these qualities are inevitable in your journey to become a good leader.

Commitment, encouragement, and humility are some of the traits a leader has in his personality. But how to inculcate these in our daily routine. In this regard, Pastor Priscilla Glover and Pastor Terrance Glover have contributed significantly. Therefore our ministry leaders are a way to make a better connection with each other and God.

Attend sermons on leadership in the church

You can have sermons/sessions on leadership in the church dealing with multiple things like marriage counseling, leadership, and Christian families. Through these sermons, we learn new concepts about boundaries in relation to God and our personal life. Similarly, there are other things like victory, fasting, and prayer, accepting God’s love and positivity. Recently, we had a session on accountability and how life can be easier when we are surrounded by good people. With these sessions, you grow both spiritually and worldly. Our sermons on leadership in the church are no less than online sessions. We feel that there are people who are not able to go outside or feel comfortable attending sermons from their rooms.  To get all that matter in your life, be a regular participant and increase your horizon of knowledge. Currently, we have four ministries for specific functions; you can view them as per your need. Not only that, but we also have options for donations; you can donate to us through any of the available options and find out god’s plan’s for you.


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