Our Pastors

Priscilla Glover


Terrance Glover


Word of life church pastor

People look for a life church counseling with expectations, and we never disappoint them. We look for a solution from Christian meanings. You may find that all of our counseling is directive in nature, as you saw us as authority figures. We live in a world where problems are increasing day by day, be it fear of death or fear of life without motivation. Human beings are overwhelmed with so much information and responsibilities that they hardly have time for their personal life. The affairs of daily life our part of our discussion, and both pastors, Priscilla Glover and Terrance Glover, handle them with great care. Our word of life church pastor covers all age groups and people from different walks of life. You can also have sermons for small groups, prayers, and church events.

Our pastors

We have pastors who have a background in various outreaches. They are bold and compassionate with a touch of humor. You might not feel disconnected as they completely relate your problems with their problems.  Our pastors, Priscilla Glover and Terrance Glover, are experienced individuals in their profession. They share their knowledge so you can be able to bring more people towards the path of spirituality and invite people to the Word of God. At LWWM, we make sure to be responsible as a God-purposed ministry anointed for propagating the word of God. Our practices using the Gospel of Truth served the goal of healing poor souls, some brokenhearted while others frustrated with their daily struggles without motivation.