Womens Ministry

Our Womens Ministry – a way to make effective leaders.

Our Womens ministry is built just like Men’s ministry, i.e., creating leaders. We keep repeating the same thought, Pray as God calls you to ask for whatever you need. You need to praise God as He wants us to be more sensitive about raising concerns. So it is quintessential to not worry about anything but to perform prayers with a thought in mind that He is listening to everything. At the same time, it is necessary to present all your concern with thanksgiving. As the trust comes while approaching God, it becomes easier to understand that he is there, always listening to our prayers and provides freedom to those who are bound.

“For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

(Philippians 4:6)

We help women to use their prayers for struggles they face in their life. Always start your prayer by praising Lord and end it with Ameen. A perfect example can be.

Oh my Lord Jesus, we believe that your heart ached for us when we faced the hardship of this world. Your blessings reached us even to the most sinful as we are overwhelmed by the beauty of sin….. I believe that your guidance will Get me through this day and freedom to those who are bound. You are the refuge for all of us; help me with what I am struggling with, Ameen.

Building Women’s ministry leadership centers

Why is there a need to form Women’s ministry leadership centers? Females make up 55% of Christians in the United States. Therefore, the chances are that most of the local church body is made up of women. This means offering women counseling would result in strengthen the whole community.

We know that attending Sunday worship is indispensable, and taking time for other gatherings like smaller groups is also valuable. The Women’s ministry leadership centers ensure greater participation and discussion as they have the freedom to share views without being noticed or looking dumb.

At the same time, those women who are unable to participate in a Sunday gathering would definitely feel much easier to be in smaller groups. There can be the reason for their absence from the Sunday gathering, like being single women. Consider women whose husband is an Atheists and feel uncomfortable attending a church gatherings. Her neighbors spent a lot of time sharing love for Jesus and showing her the way to Bible study. Someday she would definitely go and look for what it feels like to have God’s Word.

What to expect from Women’s ministry leadership training?

As a woman, learning, especially one which might help you to grow spiritually through Bible study, is one of our goals. Our Women’s training leadership ministries use Christ-centered studies for women attending the session. We also offer a study group to all women irrespective of their background. You can use our Women’s Ministry center for that purpose and find out god’s plan’s for you.

Living word & worship ministries maintain a session within a church for women. The session starts with one woman willing to grow their relationship with Christ. This can involve a large gathering as well. Our Women’s ministry leadership training makes sure that resources and key tools are provided to start a women’s ministry.

All this and a journey to heal your shattered soul would be part of our sessions. Have you got a feeling of detachment because nothing seems to be in the right place? The answers you are finding are not in worldly things. We recommend you to be part of our Women’s ministry leadership training.