Family Ministry

Our Family Ministry – a way to make life easier.

The way to make a family happier lies in many things. Living word & worship ministries, assist people to find those ways and practice them as you become part of congregations. We target this through educational programs, parent and marriage education programs, and other ministries as to how to tackle issues when people come from different walks of life.

Family ministry along with the women’s ministry has a mission of administration. For Christians, serving individuals who live in neediness or are generally in need is quite possibly the main approach to communicating love for God.

“Whoever welcomes a child like this in my name welcomes me.”

(Matthew 18:5 New International Version)

Usually, family ministry functions with different methods; some rely on congregations to provide the support families require. In contrast, others organize support groups to do the same thing. The educational programs at Living word & worship ministries and counseling are utilized.  Being a promoter for families is a fundamental piece of being a steady and supporting family. The sessions of family ministry especially women’s ministry become a voice to benefit the individuals and their neighbors, irrespective of their location with the women’s ministry.

Building family ministry centers

Why are we building family ministry centers? At Church, ministers are well aware of the fact that parents usually do not accept the role a disciple-makers have in their children’s lives. If the same role is delegated to parents and they are the ones to attend this session, it may sound better, but that is surely an indirect means. However, children themselves participate in church programs instead of asking parents to participate in this process is what we prefer and is rational with the right leadership moments.  In some cases, parents do try to practice this ideology but fail, whereas others are fundamentally against this rule.

We make people understand that relationships are not straightforward; it becomes difficult to gauge the severity level at times. From the day first, a child is not born with a marriage, nor are you given the role of parenting. In the same way, we are not born with an innate ability to get along with our siblings. There is no such guidebook! In this regard, families are finding it difficult to sustain their functionality. Marriages are ending, divorce rates are higher, and people are frustrated with what is going on in their life which is critical for those without a leadership moment. This is not a good scenario for us as when a family fails; it directly affects us as an institute. The Church has a unique opportunity to care for individuals through family ministries alongside god’s purpose.

What can Christian families expect?

We invite all families to family ministry, but we have our Christian family ministry to guide people to walk the same path leading to Christ when it comes to Christian families. This is a crucial factor in reinforcing family bonds and helping each other in sorrows.

The core idea is to inculcate Christian values in our daily life and do their common practices in our homes as the life events are shared and create an atmosphere of support. Our Christian Family Ministry is a religious education program for families of every color, nationality, and age for god’s purpose.  For instance, elementary school children and graduates are all part of the education program. On a certain day, children meet with each other in groups, whereas teens present to be a part of a teen group on other occasions. All ages study the Bible and elements of the Catholic heritage. Each age group is assigned a text to their level of comprehension.

Even parents are grouped into a bigger gathering for prayer. There is a Gospel reading during a typical family meeting. The youngsters are monitored while watching a movie, playing games with friends, or playing in the nursery for appropriate leadership moments.